The Palimpsest of Sawbones Surio

Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will


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If you are curious about the title, you may want to read this first.

This blog is all about: Musings on Simple Living and Financial Integrity. If you’re curious about the quote on the top on Optimism/Pessimism, it was a saying by an Italian Marxist. But I’m not one myself (neither Italian, nor Marxist ;-)). The quotation goes beyond ideology, and is one of my (many) favourites. In this hyper-linked world, there’s always someone else who’s written about the classics. You can read about the quotation and its meaning here.

I am an engineering professionalfreelancer in my early mid thirties. I am passionate about achieving Financial Integrity in life (See here and here for some implementation ideas). Financial independence(*)/freedom deeply motivates me. Like many others, I have discovered that all of the above is possible through intelligent management of a financial portfolio that appreciates regularly and generates cash flow. Another crucial insight here is to reduce your outflows to such a degree that you are no longer a ‘victim’ of market forces but are capable of operating beyond its stifling boundaries comfortably. Motivated by some others in the blogosphere (akin to this saying), I have decided to chronicle my journey in achieving all that has been mentioned above. Your individual mileage will vary, but I expect that you too will empathise with most of the topics that are discussed in here. Please spend some time reading the comments on a post, for often they carry more insight that the post couldn’t capture.

(*) Wealth is measured as the number of days the income from your assets will sustain you, and financial independence is achieved when your monthly income from assets exceeds your monthly expenses.

I’ve come a long way from being YARI (Yet-Another-Retail-Investor) to something else completely. Here are some of my thoughts (which is applicable to all, I believe) when I think of the word, “investment”:

1: There is no royal road to Geometry riches.
2: No pain, no gain. So, be prepared to do your homework on each & every investment vehicle.
3: Be knowledgeable, will travel.
4: Compounding is nothing but exponential growth. It is a human construct and works best at the expense of so many variables, chief among them, an abundance of natural resources. When that itself is in question, one needs to think beyond compound interest and a steady stream of dividends coming into the future.
5: The bourses is a very feisty mare. Be prepared for a bumpy ride, and hold on tight.

Instead of repeating the same content, here’s the link to another blog that clarifies the distinction between investment and trading, at length.

EDIT: I’m not the “sawbones” who posts in the Indians for Guns forum. I’m not a member there, and I am not for guns either. “He that runs away, lives to fight another day” is not such a bad proverb to follow in life. Exercise and keep fit, and one may even be able to follw that proverb in practice.


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  2. Hi Surio, my email, as discussed at ermine’s place 😉 Cheers,


    Thanks Macs, I’ve sent you a PM
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