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Keynesian Vs. Austrian School Rap!

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Enjoy this very slick rap video that tries explaining the philosopies behind the two opposing schools of economics: Keynes vs. Austrian school. The production values of the video is quite impressive. The actors ham it up well too. Best of all, the lyrics and the video go a long way in capturing what is the issue with Keynsian models (by using the last few years as a frame of reference) and also explains why the Keynes model is flawed. A timely video.

I had a very amused sterotype moment watching two Caucasian men play hard-core rappers. 😀 Don’t get me wrong, this video from the US version of “Whose line is it anyway” also refers to this point in an affectionate self-mocking way.

Ryan Stiles’ lyrics (tall guy wearing red shirt)

Well I’m a doctor, on the go,
And oddly enough, my name’s Doctor No.
If I could rap, it would be a sensation,
But I can’t, you see, I’m just a caucasian.
Say huh. (Wayne: Say huh, say huh, say huh.)
It’s all I can do, say hey. (Wayne: Say hey, say hey, say hey.)
Can’t rap.


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  1. oh, that is just wonderful, Surio, thank you! And I have learn more from this than all my other vague efforts to understand economics 🙂

    Mrs Ermine

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