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Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I wish I was that now!

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Ahh, the last week and a half been a blur. It all began like this:

Uncannily, both mother and wife's response mirrored the last strip

Can't blame them really, this is my usual bravado co-efficient

And it came to this. Actually, it has been a week, and I am still feeling pretty lousy!

But the overall sickness gave rise to some “feverish” imaginations:

All you need is a vivid memory and a vivider imagination, to have some fun 🙂

and some rather “delirious” imaginations too:

It was almost surreal, how much art can imitate life, or in my case, the opposite? Mother did bring me lunch over one such 'swimming with salamanders' dream

But this post is is not about me… No sireeeeee…

A small ode to all those 'mom-lady' out there who end up moulding the 'Calvin's into 'Hobbes's

And of course, that “indomitable” other lady of my life:

First time I called DW that, I had to bring down the comics collection from the attic to explain. Oh, and she *did* laugh heartily afterwards!

Thanks to the excellent ministrations from the two lovely ladies, I am now up and about, but just so…… I am not well enough yet to say, can’t grumble, but overall, I feel comforted, I feel reassured, and in safe pairs of hands. So, can’t complain on this post. :-D! And that does, put my other gripes, worries and rants in perspective. :-)…… like this strip.

Sometimes when I feel dark I always look up this strip. Sometimes it's all in the matter of seeing things, isn't it?

Thanks for including me in your thoughts. And have a great week ahead.

P.S: Ted’s post will go up as advertised. 🙂


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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been out of sorts, all the best for the return of that bushy tail and bright eyes 😉


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    • Thanks guv. 🙂 Cheers for the wishes.

      I am getting back to normal. Surprising how quickly viral fevers debilitate the body and how long it takes to pick up a bit of vitality… 😦

      An analogy of the kind of debilitation the body feels, would be to to capsize your sailing boat and get dunked in the water while sailing in the Bristol channel; now you need to straighten the damn boat with winds and high wind chill factor — Not to be wished for even your worst enemy. 😦 Ho… I need a cuppa now, just thinking about it!


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