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We interrupt this programme for a brief message…

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Hello, ye all few but faithful visitors to my blog,

Sometime in mid-2010, I decided to stop working for “the man” (despite my not being fully ERE yet) because of several reasons… I don’t feel like talking about it again — too depressing. After consulting with DW, I’ve become an (social-)entrepreneur since, and I’ve deliberately chosen Bootstrapping model over the OPM/OPT model. So, it has been a rather slow plod, but I’ve got patience. Last week onwards, things have stirred up a little in this line, and I’ve had to travel more than usual. I am setting off again(!) in this regard, and won’t be on the Net till coming Monday/Tuesday.

Normal programming (subsequent parts of the globalisation doombat-ism) will resume from next week.

Please do keep tuned. Thank you.


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