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They say, a picture speaks a thousand words. I agree. When I was growing up, my father would go out of his way and buy a lot of Sunday papers because we would nearly have a full page of cartoon strips. One of my favourites’ was Brickman’s small society. The exclamation of “Hoo Boy” in every strip and the messages from each strip has stayed with me and my father to this day…… I realised during my earlier posts on old age and retirement that many of those cartoons that I grew up with are still relevant today. Throughout my wrting those posts, my mind wandered back to the many discussions that I had with my father while I was trying to understand the meaning behind those strips. 🙂 Universal Press, which holds the copyright on them has stopped syndicating the strip (Alas!) along with Calvin and Hobbes my other favourite (Alas! Alas!).

But Oklahoma State University hosts some of Brickman’s cartoons as culturally, aesthetically and politically significant (no mean feat) and carried a feature around him, following his death (RIP).

Fun fact: Brickman took “early retirement” and spent his time playing “Jazz Piano”! I am a fan of the Jazz genre myself and early retirement sounds fun too. Good to realise, one of my childhood favourites also had similar inclinations. Nuff spoken. Enjoy the strip.

Brickman’s “small society”. The lack of capitals was meant to be an irony.

Have a good weekend!

Written by Surio

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  1. “The trouble with real life is there’s no plot”.

    I disagree.

    (Frame two:) The only thing we can be sure of——–
    (Frame three:) Is that we are kept in the dark——-
    Synopsis: Knowledge is power, and on close hold.

    (Frame four:) Inflation has always been planned, it keeps us at a certain income level (poor).
    (Frame five:) Kids Ideas–an offshoot of dumbed down education and mass media–planned.
    (Frame six:) Prices can drop, but will be kept up in an artificial manner to enhance the coffers of the elite.
    Synopsis: The manipulated public, or sheeple.

    (Frame seven:) A college education has been made meaningless for other than the professional trades, Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Nuclear Scientists—-.
    (Frame eight:) Government surprises–ie: Patriot Act.
    Synopsis: Remove the individualism and rights of the people.

    (Frame nine:) Everything has changed. Wrong, everything is going according to the elite’s 200+ year old plan of manipulation of the population.
    Synopsis: The Masonic Illuminati is doing the “Great Work” of the Ages.

    (Frame ten:) Hoo Boy! or substitute OMG!! if you really studied the matter in depth.
    Synopsis: Few are aware of the depth.
    (Frame 11:) Yes, there is indeed a plot.
    Synopsis: The plot is that you will not know there is a plot.

    OK, Surio, here is your can of worms. Let’s see what you do with it? Methinks it will be interesting to say the least.
    {I hope your not an Illuminati Operative, or at least not a “disinformation” agent).

    I can hear you grind your teeth and say “I really did not plan on treading on the “C” word (Conspiracy).

    Don’t worry if you choose not to play. I never could get a rise out of Jacob either.


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    • @HSpencer,
      Was away on business till now and just starting to catch up with the Net.
      DW had a chuckle at the comments and said “Bet you didn’t expect that response!” 😀

      In the past, I used to think like that myself, that there’s some bunch of cynical megalomaniacs out there pulling all the strings, and until my own PhD, used to believe that the “experts” will know the answers to the problems. Surprise, surprise, I realised that I became one of the “experts” myself and also realised sadly, that
      1. the experts wing it more often than not,
      2. “we are the society” and have as much part in shaping it
      3. “honest discussion” is an oxymoron and usually there’s vested interests in maintaining status quo.

      Somewhere, I remember Jacob mentioned that his own thinking also “matured” (can I use that phrase?) along those lines.

      So, at the same time as Jacob, I’ve decided to be the change I want to see in the world and free myself first. En route, I discovered the “ERE club”, thanks to Jacob’s initiative to put up a site – and joined the collective gaggle as that provides more decibels to anyone else that might be looking for the answers to those questions you just pointed out.

      As to those “Illuminati”/”Free Masons”/etc., I am sure there’s “no smoke without fire” (smoke machines notwithstanding) but in my limited scope of existence I can do nothing about it. And besides, riling against them is a waste of time. 🙂 Another moot point to consider is this: are they just “elites” (which you sometimes cannot prevent in the “social order” of things), or are have they truly become a “conspiracy” in the ensuing madness?

      Far better to teach others to fish, rather than to feed them fish.


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    • Charles Hugh Smith writes on that sort of thing a lot…. “Be afraid….Be very afraid”!

      🙂 So, why repeat the same things? 😉


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  2. Pardon my manners! I wish you a great weekend as well.
    And it was pleasing to have you relate about your father and your shared reading of the comic strips together. I also looked forward to the Sunday newspapers with the full color strips. I liked most of them.

    “many discussions that I had with my father while I was trying to understand the meaning behind those strips.”

    I have fond recollection of the same.


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    • 🙂 I know what you mean. You cannot put a price on that, right?

      After my father’s recent health scare, I find myself travelling back more and more to these memories. He’s doing well now, by God’s grace.

      Thank you for checking up on me from time to time. 😀


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  3. I was only rattling your cage, and probably should not have. Your comic strip however “almost” required it.
    I am not recommending your clogging up your blog with this stuff. I tried for four or five years to sort this subject out, with no avail. I spent hours, days, money on books, research and frustration on everything from ancient history to modern banking. It leads nowhere and to basically nothing.
    However, the “best selling” book in the world does outline such events for our future, but without knowable time lines. You seem to know that by your above statement of “by God’s grace”.
    I want no part of being known as a “recreational” Conspiracy Theorist. I probably came across as such in my post. There are many of those out there. Nor do I wish to push the idea. Instead, I prefer to search for answers to the many “unanswered” questions of the world. I don’t think any of us have enough time or resources to figure out all of them.


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  4. “So, at the same time as Jacob, I’ve decided to be the change I want to see in the world and free myself first.”

    “That you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

    There is a book by David Icke entitled “And the truth shall set you free”.

    However, Someone beat Icke to that phrase a long time ago. I like that Guy’s writings much better than Icke’s.


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