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Dude, What actually IS Palimpsest and Who IS this “SAWBONES” character, Eh?

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Namaskara/Vanakkam/Namaste/Dobry Den and welcome to my blog! Good to have you here, whoever you are, and wherever you are from. And while we are here a big HELLO to you as well. And just to be topical (just a little bit 😉 ) “Kaltxì. Nga-ru lu fpom srak?”. 😀  And if you’ve gone a little “blue in the face” reading that, then you’ve already recognised the language ;-).

This is the first post and I know the question on your mind already after reading the Title. I’ve articulated it as the title of this post. Okay, here goes. This is what Wikipedia’s got to say on what is a Palimpsest. There’s three layers of meanings and interpretations to the word immediately.

  1. The word conjures images of something like Hammurabi’s library/court with thousands of scribes inscribing his famous code to be circulated among his vast empire.
  2. Like the ubiquitous Palimpsest re-use, the human brain also faces the dilemma of having to overwrite older information with newer ones, but here’s the beauty — the information stays in the background (just as in the case of those early p…) and with little ‘recall’ the older, overwritten information can be just as easily readable! 🙂
  3. Finally, as with the architectural point of view we retain all those impressions that were created by life’s moulding process on our person, despite our best efforts to show otherwise.

From those interpretations, come my personal aspirations for this blog:

  • It is my [Ahem] humble [Ahem]  wish that the content of my blog reaches out to people in the same way Hammurabi’s palimpsests did to the erstwhile Mesopotamians. But here’s the point; the scribes did not really understand the impact they caused, did they? They were merely scribing the greater idea of someone else. Indeed, Newton is known to have famously affirmed this sentiment and this blog intends to work on the same lines. Take a good idea, work on it, and (hopefully) take it farther.
  • Like the brain and the architectural analogies, the palimpsest should retain the inscription that originally graced it, but must be willing to take on “newer” information should the necessity or situation brings it forth. In other words, life is all in the learning, so please, go forth and leave your comments ;-). Thank you all that do so!

The dictionary defines sawbones as follows:

Slang: A term used to refer to a physician.

Although I hold the title of “Dr.” I am not a medical doctor. I thought it would be a small, sly nod to the effort and time that resulted in that title being affixed to my name. Oh, and FWIW, sawbones is one of the antagonists of a famous racing game from the 90s.

Finally, the moniker “Surio” is a sendup/send up of my own name, inspired from a much more famous character.

So gentle reader, with that introduction, I am set, and so is the blog, and as the saying goes, If you build it, they will come. Thanks for dropping by. I sure appreciate it.


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